We bring new leads to our customers 

We generate leads in 2 ways. Via online & offline channels.

1. We identify potential customers through online marketing or innovative marketing data sources.

2. We then approach the new leads in a personal way via social media messages and by telephone.

About us

Leadlinq was founded by @marlijnvaniersel & @nadinevandam based on their passion for customer contact and because they themselves want to create substantial growth with their company and for their customers, without starting long acquisition processes. They thought; “Is there a better, more efficient and personal way than LinkedIn to get in touch with potential customers?”

Marlijn van Iersel and Nadine van Dam are enthusiastic and result-oriented entrepreneurs, have various companies, regularly appear in the media and are happy to help companies with development and growth.

In addition, a team of professionals is on hand every day to deliver the results, to take that extra step and to give the customer a smile.

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Attract new customers in an innovative and creative way

We open the doors

We put you in direct contact with the decision maker via LinkedIn or
by phone. We establish the first contact from your personal profile or organisation.

This is followed by a telephone follow-up to make a sales appointment at your location. This also allows you to indirectly benefit from the daily growth of your brand and the further expansion of the number of your LinkedIn connections.

You close the deals

We show that things can be done differently and open doors at a high level that remained closed up to now.

Proud of our customers

At Leadlinq, we help organisations that are so incredibly beautiful that it is virtually impossible for us to select which ones we would like to highlight, so here is just a small selection.

Customer case CEO

CEOs were contacted within the Utrecht region through this campaign. Approximately 23% responded to the first message and another 14% to the second message.

Result: 14 appointments with new customers

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LinkedIn Profiel Tips (gratis e-book)

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