We open doors.

Every day we knock on different doors for you. By delivering the customised message with the right tone of voice at the optimum moment, we open doors that remained closed up to now.

We generate leads in 2 ways. Via online & offline channels.

1. We identify potential customers through online marketing or innovative online data sources.

2. We then approach the new leads in a personal way via social media messages and by telephone.

The next step towards sales agreements in your diary.
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We bring new customers to you in 4 smart steps

1. Linkedin profile social proof

A successful LinkedIn campaign strategy starts by sharpening your profile. A social proof LinkedIn profile ensures better conversions.

We ensure that your online business card radiates who you are. So that we know for sure that you’ll make an excellent impression.

2. The ideal customer profile

You want to get into contact with the right qualified B2B customers and warm leads. Together we determine the criteria that interested prospects must meet.

We find the ideal profiles by searching in a smart way. That way we know for sure that we will reach the right people right from the start.

3. Start linkedin campaign

We send your target group a personalised connection request via the smart LinkedIn strategy. After acceptance, a personal campaign follows with triggers, which encourage interaction for more B2B customers.

4. Follow-up new connections

We provide you with the most interesting interactions & warm leads in a clear report. In this way you can respond directly to new requests from leads and interested prospects and information requests.

One step further? We proactively take over the follow-up. We personally qualify your lead and schedule a sales appointment for you by telephone.

Our solutions


Every company has it’s own challenge. And every challenge needs a different solution. Are you in this category let us no.

The next step towards sales agreements in your diary.
Request a free een personal interview & find out what suits your business best

Customer experiences

No business without customers. We believe that attention for our customers is the most important asset for a company. We are committed to that.

Leadlinq has made an important contribution to the growth of our business online. We now use LinkedIn optimally and have already had several new customer appointments. Bas Koetsier


The use of Leadlinq has, in addition to achieving appointment with customers who fell outside our network, also really increased our visibility online. B2B sales are much easier now. Jessica Hermes

Training & Coaching

It was sometimes difficult for us to reach the right people within organisations, this has now become much easier and, as icing on the cake, we have seen a number of results.  Richard van Dijk


We only need 15 minutes to tell you everything about social selling and what this means for your company. For this, you can book a free consultation without obligation with one of our experts.

LinkedIn Profiel Tips (gratis e-book)

  • Goed geïnformeerd aan de slag met LinkedIn
  • Gebaseerd op echte cases en jarenlange ervaring